20200 Pir Lens

PIR Fresnel lens is widely used in body sensor switch, infrared alarm, infrared thermometers and infrared imaging. Micromu can provide users with various types angle sensor,sensing range,size, ratio test series fresnel lens.

1.Designed for passive infrared sensor applications
2.Easy to cut; high compatibility, low cost and environment
3.Optimized for dual element pyroelectric devices
4.White light immunity can reduce false triggers 
5.UV resistant for outdoor applications
6.Designed for uniform sensitivity to reduce electronic gain

The Fresnel lens has two functions as follows:
1. The focusing action, soon hotly releases the infrared signal refraction (reflection) on PIR,
2. Fresnel lens divides the search coverage into detection area and non-detection area. PIR can generate pyroelectric infrared signal when moving object enters the detection area making the change of temperature.

Brand Name Micromu
Place of origin Guangdong
Model Number 20200
Material HDPE
Dimension 20mm
Focal length 20mm
Dimension Tolerance ±0.2mm
Angle 30°
Detection distance 10m
Thickness  0.7mm
Application pir
Customization Yes
Shape Dome


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