1010 SoG Fresnel Lens

Glass-silicon on Fresnel condenser lens and solar panels generally use the box design approach
that we can achieve the best results. Solar arrays using Fresnel condenser lens can achieve
long-term exposure by high precision optical components, suitable for outdoor air in the work environment.

With silicone gel mold attached onto the ultra-white toughened glass surface of Fresnel lens
, users will achieve high-precision thin thread forming process, resulting following benefits:
1.ensured high refractive index,
2.minimize optical losses
3. high-intensity/ transmittance and
4.anti-aging/anti-ultraviolet radiation

Comparably, SOG(Silicon on Glass) has several times better climate resistance characteristics
than PMMA (Optical Acrylic), as it can take greater heat temperature (180℃ vs. 60℃) without deformation of lens pattern.
Based on customer’s requirement on solar panel, Fresnel Factory (Diypro) provides various customizations, such as modification on size of lens, incidence angle, distance
between the lens and solar panels, etc.

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1.Size: 1010*1010mm
2.Focal length:450mm
4.3*3 array lens
5.Single lens: 325*325mm


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