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Analysis Of Fresnel Lens For Solar Energy

Analysis of Fresnel Lens for Solar Energy


What is a Fresnel lens?


Fresnel lens is based on the French photophysicist “FRESNEL” invented the principle of design using different processing methods (ultra-precision computer numerical control machine tool technology, electroforming mold technology and PE (polyethylene) material suppression process). The first in 1800 used in the navigation lighthouse, after the extension with so far, now more use of polyethylene plastic injection molding process.

Fresnel lens (Fresnel lens), also known as thread lens, mostly made of polyolefin material injection of thin slices, but also made of glass, the surface of the lens side of the smooth side, the other side burned from small to large concentric circles , Which is a fine structure of the optical components, from the front to see it like a dart plate, by a ring of concentric circles. Its texture is the use of light interference and interference and according to the relative sensitivity and reception angle requirements to design, the lens requirements are high.


Its working principle is very simple: Suppose a lens of the refractive energy only occurs in the optical surface (such as: lens surface), remove as much as possible optical materials, while retaining the curvature of the surface.

  Another understanding is that the lens continuous surface part “collapsed” to a plane. From the profile, the surface consists of a series of zigzag groove, the central part of the oval arc, each groove with the adjacent groove between the different angles, but will focus on one light, the formation of the central focus, That is the focus of the lens. Each groove can be seen as a separate small lens, the light is adjusted to parallel light or condenser. This lens also eliminates part of the spherical aberration.


What is the polygon of the Fresnel lens?
Spotlight with directional light with a Fresnel lens, halogen lamp and protective shutters.

What is the polygon of the Fresnel lens?

Such as solar concentrating batteries, the condenser is 500 times, how is it achieved?

Sun Fresnel lens condenser, the focus of the lens just fell on the photovoltaic cell. When the lens surface facing the sun, the light will be focused on the photovoltaic cell, bringing together more energy, which requires a smaller area of photovoltaic cells, significant cost savings.

Condensation ratio K: available formula: K = lighting area / focal area.